GeoPark Papuk

Papuk – UNESCO Global Geopark

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On November 17, 2015 during the 38th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, UNESCO Council approved the new geoscience program - International Geoscience and Geopark Program (IGGP). This provides an international status to a former network of sites of geological significance.

This new branding formalizes a relationship with Geoparks first established in 2001. Since then, Geoparks through the Global Geoparks Network have grown to include 120 sites all over the world. They have become an increasingly important tool for UNESCO to engage Member States and their communities in the Earth Sciences and geological heritage.


UNESCO Global Geoparks strive to raise awareness of geodiversity and promote protection, education and tourism best practices. Together with World Heritage sites and Biosphere Reserves, UNESCO Global Geoparks form a complete range of sustainable development tools and make an invaluable contribution to the realisation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by combining global and local perspectives.

The Papuk Geopark can now promote itself as being one of 120 official UNESCO Global Geoparks around the world.



360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

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