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Parks of Croatia

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Croatian Parks brochure is a practical guide through protected croatian areas – eight national parks and eleven nature parks. Each is unique by it's beauty and features. They attract up to 2.7 million visitors throughout each year. Croatian Parks brochure readers will be introduced to all natural wealth, their unique features and attractions cared by public institutions and people that govern them. By protecting the parks we create possibilities for sustainable development of local communities, based on green tourism, sustainable agriculture and services.


The prerequisite for this development are investments in National Parks and Nature Parks, all in order to lift their growth potential and increase the number of visitors without compromising their fundamental value and beauty. For those who can not decide which park to visit first, brochures will be an interesting text with lots of informations about each park.


Guide to National and Nature Parks can be downloaded via LINK.


360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

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