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During 13th-15th March 2017 the KICK-OFF MEETING OF DANUBE GEOTOUR PROJECT (Valorisation of geo-heritage for sustainable and innovative tourism development of Danube Geoparks) will be held in IDRIJA, SLOVENIA.

The first day will be public, dedicated to all partners, stakeholders and interested public. The second and the third day will be reserved for the meeting of the project partners. The main objective of the project Danube geoTour is to improve management capacities and strategies and to develop practical solutions for the activation of geodiversity/geo-heritage and to seize positive market trends for sustainable tourism development in 8 Geoparks of the Danube region.


The Idrija Heritage Centre as the lead partner and the host of the kick-off event is pleased to invite you to the PUBLIC EVENT of the Kick-Off Conference held on 13 March 2017. The event is designed to raise awareness of the objectives and activities of the project and provide information to the stakeholders on the expected results and benefits. Project partners from 8 countries, important stakeholders and representatives of both local and national authorities will be present at this event. As key speakers we will host also three representatives from Associated strategic partners.Official language of the event is English.

The draft agenda of the public event can be found here.


360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

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