GeoPark Papuk


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Hiking is a wanted form of an active vacation because it includes a stay and walk in the fresh air, pathfinding in a natural environment and the knowledge of its laws.
The needs of the urbanised man for the authentic and preserved nature are increasing. Mountaineering trips are one of the best ways to discover and enjoy it, and to move from everyday life, if only for a while.

A very long tradition of hiking on Papuk has resulted in various networks of marked hiking trails, approximately 200 kilometres long, and the building of six hiking objects which provide accommodation for numbers of hikers and others who don't seek luxury.

The Croats are the ninth nation in the world to have their own hiking community, which was founded in 1874. Today, there are 249 hiking communities with around 27 000 members. In Slavonia there are 21 hiking communities (from Vinkovci to Novska), with about 3000 members. The regional association of all the Slavonian communities is the Slavonian Hiking Federation.

Hiking routes

Velika (church) – Lapjak – Nevoljaš – Jankovac
Velika (church) – PD Lapjak – Kaniška glava – Češljakovački vis
Velika (church) – Mališćak – Orahove vode – Ivačka glava
Kamenski Vučjak ("Lula") - Kamengrad



Information on mountaineering activities and hiking trails in the area of the Park can be gained in our institution (+385 (0)34 313 030), or in the hiking communities which function on the area of the Park:

* HPD Sokolovac from Požega, Address: p.p. 715, 34000 Požega, Phone: +385 (0)34 271 137
* PD Mališćak from Velika -
* HPD Orahovica from Orahovica, Mobile: +385 (0)98 465 942

In case of need of the services provided by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Department of the Požega Station (search, rescue, etc.), you can call these numbers: tel. +385 (0)34 291 098, mobile: +385 (0)98 163 9806 or +385 (0)91 721 0009 (chief of Station).

The trips are appropriate for anyone and require a minimum of equipment.

On this map you can see a network of mountain huts that are located in the Papuk Geopark.


360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

Biciklističke i planinarske staze

Doživite Papuk aktivno, kroz planinarenje i biciklizam.
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