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In the Visitors centre in Velika you can buy some of the Park's souvenirs. If you want to order them please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Footprint of the "Pannonian Sea" fossil

16 million years ago mountains Papuk, Psunj and Krndija, were only islands of the so called Slavonian archipelago. The evidences are numerous fossil footprints in the rocks on mountain brims.

selling price: 20,00 kn

T-shirt International Year of Planet Earth

On the occasion of celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth (2007-2008-2009) Papuk Geopark made special T-shirt.
selling price: 40,00 kn

Relief - Rupnica

selling price: 25,00 kn

Relief - Jankovac

selling price: 25,00 kn


A minimized copy of ceramic urn from Kaptol decorated with concentric circles and plastic bovine heads. Tumuli necropolis in the vicinity of village Kaptol represents very important Early Iron age archaeological site (700-350 BC) which gave the name to the cultural group Martijanec-Kaptol. This type of urn frequently appears in rich graves of warrior aristocracy. Taurus is associated with the Sun cult as one of the most important symbols of fertility.

selling price: 120,00 kn

Ascos with a handle in a form of bull

A minimized copy of ceramic ascos (drinking jar) with a handle in a form of a bull found in Early Iron age tumuli necropolis in the vicinity of village Kaptol. This uniquely-shaped vessel represents one of the most beautiful examples of fine handmade ceramics and as a contribution it was ritually put into the graves of rich members of warrior aristocracy. Motif of bull reflects the religious symbolism of ancient Mediterranean cultures in which the bull represents fertility and strength through the sun cult.

selling price: 100,00 kn

Stem glass (15th – first half of the 16th century)

Copy of a stem glass in full scale found in burg of Ružica in the vicinity of Orahovica – one of the biggest and best preserved medieval fortresses in Slavonia region. Many rich archaeological findings such as this glass, which was in daily use, confirm the high standard of living in Ružica burg.

selling price: 25,00 kn

Magnet griffon - Ružica Burg

A ceramic stove (fireplace) covering with a griffon (mythological creature) from second half of 15th century found in Ružica fortress near Orahovica. Many fireplace remains covered with green varnished stove coverings were found in Ružica burg.

selling price: 15,00 kn

Magnet stone plastic - Ružica Burg

A fragment of stone plate with a rosette motive from the beginning of 16th century found in Ružica burg near Orahovica. It's an example of florid renaissance architectural sculpture.

selling price: 15,00 kn

Relief - Ružica Burg

Ružica Burg (fortress) near Orahovica is the largest fortification complex in continental part of Croatia. The fortress covers an area of 8000 m2. Ružica castle was built from 14th to 16th century when it was conquered by Turks.

selling price: 20,00 kn

Magnet "Papučki jaglaci"

selling price: 18,00 kn

Ceramic bowl

selling price: 30,00 kn

Magnet - Logo Papuk Nature Park

selling price: 15,00 kn

Mug - Papuk Nature Park

selling price: 25,00 kn

Candlestick - Papuk Nature Park

selling price: 30,00 kn

Papuk panoramas - bookmarker

Nature park Papuk has whole spectrum of different landscapes. Just for you we have chosen the best panoramas and displayed them as bookmarkers to remind you on special moments you had in Papuk Geopark!

selling price: 15,00 kn

Postcards (five different motives)

selling price: 3,00 kn/piece.

Logo Papuk Nature Park tag - line or chain

selling price: 10,00 kn

Logo Papuk magnet/badge

selling price: 10,00 kn

Bat badge

selling price: 10,00 kn

Badge logo Papuk Nature Park (big, small)

selling price: 10,00 kn big, 5,00 kn small

T-shirt Papuk Nature Park

selling price: 60,00 kn

Papuk Nature Park tour map

Nature Park Papuk spreads over 336 square kilometres and it is pervaded with numerous roads and tracks that lead to the most beautiful natural and historical protected sites. Visitors using the map can plan their own tours and see everything that makes the Slavonian area so special.

selling price: 30,00 kn

Geological guide through the Nature Park Papuk

 selling price: 50,00 kn


360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

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